The User Interface and Layout Ontology (UILO)

UILO Schema

Author: Daniel Schlager “email at”

Copyright 2019-2020 Daniel Schlager


UILO (an acronym of user interface and layout ontology) is a machine-readable ontology describing user interface layouts, components, and elements.

UILO at a glance

UILO is a descriptive vocabulary expressed using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Web Ontology Language (OWL).

With UILO, it is possible to describe a user interface (primarily Web), to evaluate it automatically and to generate a suitable representation based on any framework (for example, Angular with Bootstrap or React and Bulma or just vanilla HTML/CSS).

The Basic Idea

The idea for this ontology was born during my work on a Visual Builder for Angular 8. The Visual Builder allows to arrange and individualize existing angular components in a layout (grid). The output is a JSON. However, in a current project, I need representation as RDF. So the work on this ontology started.

Components described with this ontology. A component can consist of several elements. Elements can have different properties. Applicable properties also described in the ontology.